Cocoa Balls
Corn grits, sugar, whole wheat, cocoa powder (6,3%), palm oil, glycose, salt, flavor «vanilla», emulsifier soy lecithin (E 322). May contain traces of nuts cashew, hazelnut, almonds and dairy products.
Nutrition values (in 100g of product):
Nutrition values (in 100g of product): Per 100 g Per 30g portion (% RI* ) Per 30g portion
Energy 1460 kJ / 349 kcal 438 kJ/ 105 kcal 5,2 %
Fat 3,0g 0,9g 1,2 %
Off which saturates 1,5g
Carbohydrate 71,3g 21,4g 8,2 %
Off which sugars 31,4g
Protein 7,6g 2,3g 4,6%
Salt 0,7g
Fiber 6,8g
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