Instant Chickpea cream-soup. 250g
Chickpea, sea salt, onion, cumin, tomatoes, turmeric, greens, chili pepper.
Nutrition facts:
Nutrition values (in 100g of product): Per 100 g Per 50g portion % Daily Value
Energy 1431 kJ / 342 kcal 715,5 kJ / 171 kcal 8,5% / 8,6%
Fat 5,5g 2,8g 3,9%
Off which saturates 0,6g 0,3g 1,4%
Sodium 1480mg 740mg 32,2%
Carbohydrate 57,3g 28,7g 11,0%
Off which Dietary Fiber 9,8g 4,9g 19,6%
Off which Total Sugars 11,2g 5,6g 6,2%
Proteins 18,4g 9,2g 18,4%
Salt 3,7g 1,9g 30,8%
1. Put 50g of the dry soup into bowl.
2. Add boiled water at 1:2 ratio and stir thoroughly.
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